Our Story

Our mission

Our aim is to have visitors take part of this exceptional area of Norway in the same way that we do. Whether we go dogsledding, glacier hiking or balancing on the highest peak on Njallavarri the goal is always to discover, play and explore with those that choose to come out with us.

The customs and traditions of interacting with the shifting surroundings of this area is the foundation for providing services for our guests.  Most of the time we encounter something new in our experiences here which encourages us to always question what we know and forces us to be humble in our interaction with the environment we have chosen to be a part of. 

Respect and trust become important qualities to nurture in our relations with one another, our pack of dogs and with nature. To truly experience all that this place has to offer, our guests need to work as a team. Making sure that we have assessed the abilities, expectations and goals of our guests is one of our most important tasks when providing tours in this wild and magical place. 

Whether you want to see the bluest part of a glacier, touch the perfectly symmetrical shapes of crystals in the snow or hear the unison breathing of a dog team as they pull you over the moonlit mountains, the arctic playground of Lyngen is the perfect place to experience it .

Where it all began